Olymco Solar Black Chrome


Abengoa Solar ISTIn many primitive societies, homes or businesses were built to take maximum advantage of the warmth of sunlight and the coldness of the night. An example of this can be found in North America with the Cave dwellers in the West. Until recently, this common sense approach to energy use was all but forgotten in the modern world where fuel seemed abundant and limitless.

As we are now discovering, fuel is not quite as abundant as we supposed or as cheap as we have come to expect, we are also finding good reasons to use nature’s own thermostat.
The most obvious sign of this increased awareness is the number of solar installations appearing on buildings and rooftops across the country and world. The trend is here to stay and will continue until the sight of solar collectors will be as commonplace as the satellite dish.

Abengoa Solar ISTThrough the application of our Solar Black Chrome selective coating, which acts as a catalyst for solar components to perform with optimum efficiency, Olymco Incorporated has positioned itself to become a major factor in the solar energy industry today.
The benefits of the offerings of Olymco, Inc. are not only practical but economical for the solar consumer and the industrial producer, further enhancing the use of clean energy as an immediate proposition to our energy economy.


 Black Chrome

Solargenix Energy It has been said the heart of any good solar system is the absorber. What makes it work is its ability to attract in a sponge-like manner the most of the sun’s rays it can.The ultimate end for all manufacturers of systems is to improve efficiencies of its absorbers, and be cost effective at the same time. Choosing the correct absorptive coating is extremely important.

Olymco Incorporated a large Midwest electroplating firm, is the leading source in the world today for the application of the widely accepted and highly optical selective surface known as Solar Black Chrome once called Harshaw Chromonyx.

Why use Black Chrome? Black Chrome is a selective coating that absorbs and retains more of the sun’s rays than non-selective coatings which tend to lose much of the energy absorbed through reradiation.  Further, beyond the high optical values attained, Black Chrome displays greater durability qualities under the severest of operating conditions.

Images provided by Abengoa Solar IST and Solargenix Energy.