Olymco takes a hand’s on approach to everything we do and packaging is no different. Olymco works with customers in every detail to insure that parts make it to and from customer destinations without damaging parts.

Olymco can custom build boxes if needed. We can supply boxes or packaging as needed, we can buy and order packaging per customer requirements or simply use the packaging that is provided. Olymco works with each and every customer to make sure all packaging is acceptable for both parties involved. Let us know how we can help.


Olymco uses the same approach to everything we do and that is complete customer satisfaction. Shipping is no different. From incoming inspections, inventory control, physical inventory checks, storage of material, paperwork coordination, freight arrangements, pre-printing labels, quality certifications, dock audits and Direct Shipments to 3rd Party, saving our customers time and money. We can meet every customers need when it comes to shipping. Just let us know how we can help.