Olymco Black Chrome


Black Chrome


Olymco was a pioneer in the development of Black Chrome since it’s inception some 30 years ago and has met the demands of the office furniture, architectural, military, medical, tool & die and automotive industries to name a few.

Black chrome is usually plated over bright nickel or dull nickel in the same manner as decorative chrome. This extraordinary finish is a hard surface, which possesses corrosion, mar and wear-resistant characteristics. The appearance of the Black Chrome finish depends on the nature of the substrate and the surface treatment prior to electroplating. The finish can be a lustrous, semi-lustrous or a matte. The finish may be waxed or oiled to improve the final appearance.

If you need something Black Chrome Plated then you have come to the right place with Employees that have over 30+ years working hands on daily with Black Chrome. We have become known industry wide as the Experts in Plating Black Chrome. Please give us a call to see how we may help you with your Black Chrome Plating project.

Specification for Black Chrome Plating