Olymco Electropolishing


Olymco’s Electropolishing process removes a variety of surface contaminants including impurities from the surface of stainless steel, leaving behind a sterile and passive finish at the part surface creating a highly reflective, mirror-like surface finish, removing oxidation and discoloration, including weld marks. Electropolishing works hardest on the micro peaks of the surface providing a smoother, brighter surface. This finishing process improves corrosion resistance and the appearance of the part overall.

Electropolishing works by an electro-chemical reaction in which metal dissolves faster at surface micro peaks, creating a leveling effect on the surface of the work piece reducing roughness by 50%.  A smoothness is created that cannot be obtained by mechanical means.

Electropolishing removes heat tint and oxide scale, helping to solve metal fatigue problems, without smearing, bending, stress or fracturing. Free iron on the surface of stainless steel is removed, resulting in improved corrosion resistance at a significantly lower cost than mechanical polishing. This process makes electropolishing an excellent option for deburring and general preparation of stainless steel surfaces prior to use. This process is perfect for use in hospital equipment and food manufacturing.

Olymco's Electropolishing Capabilities now include process tanks that are 12 feet long.

Olymco is now offering 2 different types of Electropolishing Processes:

1. Bright Electropolishing (Conventional)

2. Satin Electropolishing/Micro-etching (New Finish)

Satin Electropolishing/Micro-etching process is for stainless steel that provides a uniform satin/dull finish. Similar to Bright Electropolishing in its material benefits, corrosion resistance is greatly increased, sanitized, surface impurities are removed and the edges are deburred. Great for all industries including Automotive.

We also can offer a Flash Chrome process after Electropolishing.

Olymco Electropolishing