Olymco Waste Treatment


The Electroplating Industry is not the most Environmentally Friendly Industry, therefore, the EPA has set regulations and limitations that must be met both locally and nationally.  Although being necessary to protect our environment, compliance is costly and time consuming causing many Electroplaters to close their doors.  The Management Team at Olymco wanted to ensure uninterrupted service to all of its customers and at the same time be in compliance with all federal and local regulation.

In 2003 Olymco installed a State of the Art Waste Treatment Facility that is designed to treat over 100,000 gallons of water per day.  This system is commonly called a “0” Zero Discharge Waste Treatment System.  This system eliminates discharging to the sewer by  treating the process waters and returning them to the plating lines.

This was a very large project but the Management Staff at Olymco looks at it as an investment in the future not only for Olymco and our customers and employees but in the environment as well.  We welcome any questions regarding our system.