Over the 54+ years of being in business Olymco has met the high demands of some of the toughest industries and have maintained solid business relationships which extend over 20 yrs. Some of those industries are serving the manufacturing of:

  • Solar Collector and Solar Parabolic Trough Systems
  • Automotive Trim and Parts
  • Motorcycle Parts and Accessories
  • Truck Accessories and Parts
  • Medical/ Hospital Equipment & Furnishings
  • Recreational Vehicle Components
  • Appliances
  • Hand Tools
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Military Gun Sights and Parts
  • Stampings
  • Fabricators
  • Retail Store Displays
  • Furniture Office, Home, Bar and Gaming

Over the years we have just about seen or electroplated anything and everything that can be Decorative Bright Chrome or Black Chrome Plated. We are your source from bright to black. Please contact us today!