Having been in one location for over 50 years Olymco has expanded over the years with the most recent expansion in 2003. Olymco operates in a facility that is around 50,000 square feet and has employed up to 115 people. We are not a small shop and we are not too big either. We believe that we are just the right size to give you the customer the turnaround, quality and customer service you deserve. It is being our size with low overhead that allows us to still operate when many shops are closing.

We operate an in house polishing department as well as several different Electroplating lines that meet just about any need from very large parts, to very small parts, delicate or difficult parts we can do it all.  Olymco over the years has made a name for itself as a company that does the difficult jobs that no one else can or wants to do. It’s our experience that sets us apart. We welcome you to tour our facility at anytime to see how we may be able to assist you with your next polishing or plating project. Please contact us today!