Olymco Polishing Metal Finishing



Olymco’s polishing department employs over 20 trained and skilled polishers on over 20 machines.

Polishing is the smoothing of metal surfaces to a high luster with a fine abrasive.  The process can use several methods to prepare a smooth and often reflective finished surface that is imperfection free.  Polishing is an important metal finishing process for many products and is generally accomplished with an abrasive belt, grinding wheel, setup wheel, or other abrasive media.

Buffing offers different results than with polishing. Buffing improves the surface finish from the polishing step. It is the processing of a metal surface by mechanical means to give a desired finish. There are three finishes available with buffing; Satin Finishing, Cut-and-Color Buffing and High Luster or Bright Buffing that we can offer.

We can provide these finishes using the following types of equipment on virtually any surface or substrate:
Hand Polishing
Automatic Buffing & Polishing
Semi-Automatic Buffing & Polishing
Centerless Tube Grinding